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Life And Other Worries #1


This trudge again.

Allright: So clearly, I am not doing as fine I wish. Right now, I'm not sleeping, because I'm brooding over people in my life, and my life.

I'm brooding over the fact that my roomate is very non-talkative, and I don't know how to deal with that, because I have never once in my life not been around people who didn't share thoughts and opinions in some form or other.

Now this might be because I have always been easily impressionable, and prone to letting others take the lead.

That's fine.

But I'm not anymore.

I'm brooding over how annoyed I sometimes get at people who always share their thoughts and opinions in some form or other, and how that is completely unfair, when I am the one who usually encourages them to.

I'm brooding over how people are constantly annoyed or mad or hurt by my direct way of talking, and how that often makes me the big bad wolf.

I'm brooding over the fact that when I try to be nice and a little ge…

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